Marcody Ranch was built with the horse in mind.  The property boasts a sixteen stall, state-of-the-art, Morton barn, large concrete wash stalls with hot and cold running water, an air conditioned tack room, large pastures, a full-sized arena with jumps and obstacles, and a sixty-six foot round pen.  We also have a bathroom and a shower!
It is our belief that horses are happier and healthier when they are allowed to live in a way that closely resembles their existence in the wild.  Our horses are turned out day and night as a herd, except in inclement weather.  They are treated with kindness and respect by people who understand and appreciate the spirit and nature of the equine species.   

Our facility offers full board only.  The monthly fee includes feed and hay, daily stall cleaning, and turn out.  Oral supplements will be added to your horse‚Äôs feed at no additional cost and horse-trailer parking is available.  Additional services such as training, exercising, grooming,  hoof care, and holding your horse for the veterinarian or farrier are available for a fee.  You can rest assured that your horse will receive the best possible care and live in safety and comfort at Marcody Ranch.  

     Marcody Ranch, LLC.